Collin’s Portrait at the Studio – RI Children Photography

What a beautiful little boy, Collin, is!  Blue eyes, brown hair and the most adorable smile.  He is also a “Mama’s boy”.  I sort of hate the term, but that’s the only way to put it.  There’s nothing wrong with loving your Mom a lot!  Collin took a little bit to warm up (despite my wonderful rendition of “Elmo’s Song”).  Even when he was comfortable Mom still had to be very close by.  I think it’s adorable.  It may also mean that Mommy is doing a pretty good job making her baby feel safe and secure.  That’s what Mommy’s do!

He was having a great time playing with my reflector.  Actually he couldn’t have picked a better place to stand!

Mommy had a secret to making Collin laugh…

So adorable!

All the kids love to look outside the window at my studio.  Especially if they like trucks.  There is a garage across the street.

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