Maddie at the Studio – RI Baby Photographer

Here is the winner of my mini shoot give away!  Her Mommy is smart.  Instead of just getting the free mini she upgraded to a discounted portrait shoot.  Not a bad deal.  I really had a great time with Maddie, her mom and grandmother.  These are some very funny ladies.  Maddie was definitely giving us all a run for our money.  She did everything on her terms – just like any good two year old should.  I was recently reading an article about posing.  It said “If your subject is age 0-5 they aren’t going to do anything you say so don’t worry about posing so much.  Just chase them”.  Yeah, that about covers it.

This is Maddie’s favorite hat.  She wears it all the time.  I think it’s great to bring stuff that your child loves to a portrait.  It’s part of who they are at that point in their lives.


  1. Jenn C · April 17, 2012

    These are wonderful!

  2. Cake-tique · April 18, 2012

    Love, love, LOVE the black and white profile! What amazing pictures!

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