Matthew and Jack’s Newborn and New Brothers Portrait Shoot

It’s no secret that I love Matthew.  He is two years old and quite the charmer.  Look at him!  Who wouldn’t love him?  Now he has a partner in crime that may rival him in cuteness – A brand new brother named Jack!  I was very excited to see the family again and was especially looking forward to meeting the new edition.  With Mom and Dad’s help we were able to get some photos of the brothers together.  There is something that all kids do that always cracks me up.  They will sit there with their new sibling until they are done.  And when they are done they just get up even though there is a fragile little baby on their lap.  That’s why is very important to have someone actually hold the baby.

Seriously?!  He is just so cute!

I am thankful for the high ceilings because this is not the first time this has happened.

Jack’s big debut!

He is so adorable!  I love my job because I get my baby fix in without having to have another baby!


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