Family Portrait at Roger Williams Park – RI Family Photography

A photographer likes to scope out different places to take photos, looking for good light and nice scenarios. You do this no matter who your subject is even if she is two. Of course once the session starts you quickly realize that no two year old is ever going to stand where and how you want them to stand. I’ve done photos of many two year olds, but I have yet to learn this lesson. I still pick out spots and check for light. 5 minutes later I’m running like a mad man to keep up to get the shot. This little lady was no exception! I do appreciate being kept on my toes. Thankfully it’s in my job description…

Lasher’s Newborn Portrait Shoot – RI Newborn Photography

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of doing a maternity session for Lasher’s mom and dad.  Now I get to meet the little man that was cooking in that big belly!  Such a handsome little guy!  I am so happy that I had the chance to meet this family.  I also would like to publicly apologize for telling Lasher’s parents horror stories of how my son woke up three times a night until he was 15 months old.  What am I doing?  Guys, I will guarantee that Lasher is an angel.  He was too well behaved at the portrait shoot to be anything but!

Family Portrait in Providence, RI – RI Family Portrait Photography

How awesome is it when you go to take a picture of someone and you see them “web slinging” in your direction? I will tell you that I think it’s pretty cool. Robby likes Spiderman and he was not afraid to show it while posing for photos. I’m so happy that Mom and Dad didn’t tell him to stop it. This is who he is at this age so why not capture it in the photos? It also adds some personality to the pictures. When Stella tried to do her own spiderman hand gesture Robby did put the kabosh on that. When she wasn’t teasing her brother she was being the cutest little girl ever, playing shy. Very adorable! I do get jealous of some of my family portraits and make plans to bring my own kids to certain locations. This session definitely qualifies as one of those…

Love the personality in these pictures!

Phillip and William’s Brothers Portrait Session at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photography

One child is usually easy breezy, but two little ones can be a daunting task. Thankfully Phillip and William were happy to sit for me to get their picture taken.  Phillip was actually pretty amused by the silly things I do to keep my subjects interested and sitting still.  William was more perplexed as to why I was acting a fool!  Either way the out come is what I wanted – attentive little boys.  Not always an easy task.

See what I mean? I little like “What is this lady doing?”

These little guys were seriously adorable! Phillip is such a good big brother.