Logan’s Four Year Portrait

One of my most photographed kids and best buddy, Logan, is four years old this year!  It’s always a treat for me to see Logan and her parents.  I would love to just chat with Mom and Dad, but honestly Logan and I are kind of best friends.  While Mom and Dad hang back Logan and I walk around, chat, make each other laugh and take pictures.  It’s almost like a play date!  Recently Logan told her Mom “Only Alissa takes my picture”.  Coming for a little kid that is a 5 star review!  We started Logan’s portrait at my studio and then walking around the building.  Logan’s Dad is an artist who also has a spot in Hope Artiste Village so we even got to take some pics in there.  Sorry other parents!  You can not have your photo session in Michael’s place amongst the metal, tools and fork lift!







blog07 blog08





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