Logan’s Fourth Year Portrait at the Studio

Logan’s yearly photos are always ones that I look forward to taking. First off I can’t wait to see what outfit she’ll be wearing. I so look forward to seeing pictures of her on Facebook in all her cool clothes so it’s a treat when I get to see her in person looking all stylish.  Another thing I look forward to is just hanging out with Logan, period!  She loves when I take her photo so the entire session is easy as pie.  I also get to chat with the grown ups she brings with her also known as Mom, Dad and Grandma.  I first did Logan’s photos when she was 18 months old.  Now she is four and a half!!!  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her and her family a couple of times a year.  One of my job perks is the chance to document families and children as they grow.  Logan is the perfect example of that.  Mom recently did a collage of the photos I’ve taken of her over the years.  It truly warmed my heart to see it.  She has grown up in front of my camera!










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