Tiny Shoot with Tiny Alex

Another familiar face!  Alex’s beautiful little mug has already appeared on my blog.  He is a mini shoot pro!  He and his family were at my mini shoot park day back in October.  He was a tiny little peanut back then with a blocked tear duct.  It made him look like he was always fresh from a cry.  What can I say?  It was sort of cute.  Now he is almost a year old!  The time just flies!  I know his mom, Michelle, is most likely feeling a little emotional about this milestone birthday.  Alex, the sweet adorable baby, will soon be…  Do I even say it?  A toddler!  Well, we aren’t there yet so let’s not rush it.  Here are some pictures of Alex as the cute little baby that he is.

Alex is a man of many hats…


Love these!


There was a lot of peek-a-boo-ing and other silliness going on behind me while I was snapping photos.  Alex was making everyone work for a smile!  We did get one!


I actually kind of like the serious Alex.

Tiny Shoot with Emma and Nicholas

If you have been to my blog before you will recognize these cute little faces!  They have been on my site more times than anyone else.  I’m always happy to see my two little friends.  Sometimes the mini shoots go by so quick.  It’s plenty of time for pictures but not enough time to hang out!  The new bit of info I got from their mom, Stacy, is that these two were picked to be represented by a modeling agency!  A little extra moola to beef up those college funds never hurt anyone!  Maybe one day I’ll see them on TV and say “Hey, I took their picture!”

Nicholas was posing it up and lost his grip on the balloon.


I love this one!


Tiny Shoot with Kenzee and Kylee – RI Children Photography

Kenzee and Kylee are sisters.  Kenzee is 5 and Kylee is 13.  Kenzee just turned 5 so the mini shoot was also her “year 5 portrait”  I think it is such a good idea to commorate a birthday with a photo shoot.  Every year I take WAY too many pictures of my kids to honor their birthday.

I had a lot of trouble picking pictures for this post.  Kenzee was being SO cute and funny!  I love all of these pictures!  She has a lot of personality and was not afraid to show it.

Did I mention that she is 5 now?



Love this picture of the sisters!  They’ve got some good genes!  So pretty!


Winning some major points with me by wearing red chucks!  My fave shoes in my fave color…


Kylee is 13 so of course she has two best friends.  They came along to take some pics with Kylee.  They were being a little goofy which I always like.  When I was looking at these pictures they made me think of the last line in one of my favorite movies, “Stand By Me”.  The movie ends with “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”


Tiny Shoot with Ava

Ava, Ava, Ava!  That’s a name you hear a lot at my house.  My daughter loves Ava!  When I told Ava’s mom, Amanda, about the mini shoot she got so excited!  They just moved into a new house so they need some new pictures for the wall.  The house has a lot of black and white so they got a new dog, Cloe, to match (just kidding)!  The mini shoot was the perfect opportunity to get some pics for the new house that include the new member of the family. 

Something you might not realize from looking at these pictures is that Ava was REALLY sick.  She did not want to miss her chance to pose in her new dress with her new puppy.  So she was a total trooper and did such an amazing job!  She held the dog, moving him when I moved, placing the balloons in the perfect spot every time.  She was a pro!

Tiny Shoot with Sam

I was very excited to finally meet little Sam.  I had the pleasure of taking his Mom and Dad’s wedding photos.  I can’t say enough how much I love to see the babies of my past wedding couples.  Sam is actually going to be a big brother in April!  I’m already excited for the newborn shoot.

These  little boys are killing me!  They were all so cute.  Sam was no exception.  He was also a good little model.  He stood in place with his balloons and gave me a range of emotions.  Way to work it, Sam!

I love the face in this one!


The static electricity is working for him.


At this point he had every balloon in the place!  Pretty funny!