Matthew and Jack’s Newborn and New Brothers Portrait Shoot

It’s no secret that I love Matthew.  He is two years old and quite the charmer.  Look at him!  Who wouldn’t love him?  Now he has a partner in crime that may rival him in cuteness – A brand new brother named Jack!  I was very excited to see the family again and was especially looking forward to meeting the new edition.  With Mom and Dad’s help we were able to get some photos of the brothers together.  There is something that all kids do that always cracks me up.  They will sit there with their new sibling until they are done.  And when they are done they just get up even though there is a fragile little baby on their lap.  That’s why is very important to have someone actually hold the baby.

Seriously?!  He is just so cute!

I am thankful for the high ceilings because this is not the first time this has happened.

Jack’s big debut!

He is so adorable!  I love my job because I get my baby fix in without having to have another baby!


Ricco’s Portrait at the Studio – RI Baby Photography

I first met Ricco when he was about 3 months old.  His family came out to do a mini shoot.  He was just a little lump and now look at him!  He just turned a year old!  One thing he has picked up this year is some modeling skills.  His Mommy said she always has a camera in his face.  You can definitely tell!  Once Ricco starts talking I think I might have him conduct a lesson for all of my portrait clients.  It will be a mandatory class you must take before getting photos done with me.  Ricco would sit still, smile, crawl, stop, sit, smile.  It was a prefect shoot!  If he is still doing this when he is 2 I will be very impressed!

See what I mean?  A natural!

Love the expression on the right…

I’ve mentioned family portrait envy on my site before.  It’s something I experience when I’m editing certain family portraits.  I think “I wish I had a picture like this of my family!”  I was feeling it when I was doing these pictures…

Family portrait envy in full effect…

Maddie at the Studio – RI Baby Photographer

Here is the winner of my mini shoot give away!  Her Mommy is smart.  Instead of just getting the free mini she upgraded to a discounted portrait shoot.  Not a bad deal.  I really had a great time with Maddie, her mom and grandmother.  These are some very funny ladies.  Maddie was definitely giving us all a run for our money.  She did everything on her terms – just like any good two year old should.  I was recently reading an article about posing.  It said “If your subject is age 0-5 they aren’t going to do anything you say so don’t worry about posing so much.  Just chase them”.  Yeah, that about covers it.

This is Maddie’s favorite hat.  She wears it all the time.  I think it’s great to bring stuff that your child loves to a portrait.  It’s part of who they are at that point in their lives.

Family Portrait at the Studio

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Rene and Clara at my Holiday Mini Shoot this past year.  I was recently contacted by their mom about doing a family portrait.  With her parents coming in from the Catskills and sister and family coming in from Los Angeles they wanted to get a nice picture of everyone.  Unfortunately the only day we could get everyone together was the day after her sister was flying across country with her hubby and two little ladies.  Taking pictures of toddlers is challenge enough.  Jet lagged toddlers…  You’d think it would be a complete and total wash.  Thankfully toddlers have lots of energy so they got through the shoot like champs.  This is a lovely family and I’m so happy that I did get a chance to take these photos for them.

Someone loves his sister.

They look pretty spunky for having just traveled a long, long way don’t they?

I love candid family shots.

The whole crew!  It’s a miracle!

Running away for the craziness of the big family portrait…

Love this 1, 2, 3…