Holiday Mini Shoots at the studio 2011

What fun I had this holiday season taking pictures of all these cute kids!  I posted some pictures on my Facebook page.  Now I have some going up here, but I still haven’t covered everyone!  I think I did pictures for almost all of my past clients and met so many new families on top of that.  It was a pleasure and an honor to take your babies’ photos.  As a Mommy of two I know how fast they change and sometimes you just want to freeze them at a certain age.  Years from now I hope the pictures I took will bring you back to this particular time in their life.  I’ve been getting a lot of holiday cards from clients that used my photo on their card.  I have to say it makes me feel good!

So here are some of the many holiday pics taken over the past month or so.  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!!

Sarah and Charlie at the Studio – RI Children Photography

It’s a crazy time of year trying to get everyone their photos before the holidays arrive.  I sort of vowed not to blog until all my portraits were done and in my clients’ hands.  I just couldn’t resist posting some pictures from Sarah and Charlie’s photo shoot last week.  These two are so adorable.  Sarah loves the camera and the camera loves her.  Charlie might not love the camera as much, but what 4 year old wants to sit for pictures?  Boring!  He kept trying to block his face with his foot.  Little did he know when he dropped his foot out of the way he was smiling and looking totally adorable.  His little game of not getting any pictures done turned into a game that made for awesome ones!  I win!

After the “Holiday Look” we did some more casual portraits.

I love these pictures!  I mentioned that my studio is cool inside and out.  I found this little nook and thought it would be fun for pictures.  I was right.

Such fun expressions…

Tristan and Addison’s Portrait Shoot in Pawtucket – RI Family Photography

Sometimes after I do a portrait I get a little jealous.  I see these great pictures of someone else’s family and I wish it was my family in them!  You might also get a little jealous if you continue to look at this blog post.  My studio is in an old mill building which means the outside is just as cool as the inside.  When I saw Tristan’s sweater I knew Mom and Dad would be down for something a little cooler so we ventured out.  Not cooler in temperature because it was like 60 degrees out.  I mean cooler in attitude.  We really lucked out with the weather, wardrobe choice and a really fun backdrop.  Everything came together perfectly.

I’m crazy for this picture…

And this one…

When Mom first emailed me she told me that her husband was in Afghanistan!  We couldn’t set a date until she knew exactly when he was coming home.  This is a really sweet family and I’m so happy that everyone is safe here at home and able to spend the holidays together.  I hope these pictures make the homecoming just that much sweeter.

Love it!

The expression kills me!  Addison is only 2 months old.  She is so adorable!

The whole family!!

Such a good big brother.

The beginning was all about Tristan so Addison needed some time in the spotlight inside where it is warm and cozy.

Rosie’s Portrait Shoot at the Studio – RI Portrait Photographer

There is just something about Rosie.  I love her.  It’s sort of funny because the first time I took pictures of her wasn’t the easiest shoot for me.  I pretty much chased her around some gardens for almost two whole hours!  She did not want me to take her picture.  The photos ended up being some of my favorites.  After doing those portraits I have been looking forward to taking Rosie’s pictures again.

Rosie’s Mom loves stars.  Sort of like a certain photographer I know.  When she saw the set up we had for our holiday mini shoots she wanted Rosie to have her portrait done in front of them.  Thankfully she was smart enough to book a whole portrait session instead of a mini.  Who knows if Rosie would warm up in 20 minutes?  Actually Rosie ended up having a great time getting her pictures done.  She didn’t want to leave the studio when it was done!

See what I mean?  don’t you just love her?

These pictures kill me!

Perfect girl for this backdrop!!