Steve and Leanne’s Maternity Shoot in East Greenwich – RI Maternity Photography

Steve and Leanne were shopping for baby items at the fabulous store, Bellani Maternity, when they spotted my photos on the wall.   Luckily they contacted me about doing a maternity.  I’m lucky because it really was a pleasure to meet this lovely couple and be able to document this exciting time in their lives.  Spending time with them I know two things for sure.  The first thing is that they love each other, really love each other.  The second is that they are SO excited to have this little boy and be parents.  Whenever I do a maternity shoot I like to ask some questions to see what’s been going on during the pregnancy.  It makes the photos a little more personal.  Steve and Leanne have been doing renovations on their house for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy.  This is where they are going to one day live with this baby that’s cooking.  The baby is almost ready, the house is almost ready.  It’s nice to be able to capture this moment when (and where) so many great things are about to happen.

Our second stop was this cool dock close by…

Ending with my favorite!!! Love it!

Emma and Nicholas and Lots of Sunflowers – CT Portrait Photography

Emma and Nicholas’s birthdays are fairly close to one another. Every year I do a two in one birthday portrait for them. I’ve been dying to do a portrait in a big sunflower field. With sunflowers being as tall as they are it’s definitely not an option for babies (unless Mom and Dad join in) and most of my “clients” are itty bitty. When Emma and Nicholas’s Mom contacted me to do the birthday portrait I knew they were the perfect fit. The sun was blaring and super bright, but there was a little section of shorter sunflowers in the shade. I couldn’t have asked a better spot. And it was right next to a barn. Score!

Micheal’s First Year Portrait – RI Baby Photography

One of Michael’s Aunties was nice enough to give a gift certificate for a first year cake smash portrait with me to Michael’s parents. His other Auntie happens to be the fabulous cake designer from Cake-tique that does all my smash cakes!  It would be sort of ridiculous if Michael didn’t do one.  I’m so happy that he did!  I did his mommy’s maternity photos back when he was still cooking. Now here he is turning a year old!  He is such a happy kid and extremely adorable!

The smiles would not stop!

One year old!!

Family Portrait in Narragansett, RI – RI Family Portrait Photography

There is a reason I always suggest doing photos after 6pm. The light is amazing! Unfortunately a lot of little ones are getting ready for bed at 6pm.  It’s not a guarantee that they will be in a happy mood for photos.  Luckily Annie and her family were having a little family get away in Narragansett.  There was a time change so Annie was perfectly fine starting our portrait session at 6pm.  The result is amazing (if I do say so myself)!  I love this time of day!

See what I’m saying? You can’t beat this light.

Annie is going to be a big sister in a couple of months!

Annie’s grandparents and aunts live on the east coast so everyone joined us for some family photos

And she is off! Literally the last picture I took of the day.

Harper’s Newborn Portrait Session – RI Newborn Photography

I was very excited when I read the email I got from Harper’s mom. Harper’s parents love music and they thought it would be cool to incorporate records into the shoot for their newborn baby. I was sold at records. We listen to records with my kids all the time. My daughter could work our record player before she could turn on the TV or use the DVD player. So when I read the email I knew that these people were kindred spirits which made me very excited to take these pictures.  Thankfully Harper was pretty content to lay on some vinyl while I snapped away.

I promised my husband that I just brought his Black Sabbath record, but I didn’t use it for the shoot. He was worried I scratched it all up. And there it is displayed prominently in all the pictures. Whoops!!

I love this one!

Big brother, Jack, was reluctant to take some pictures, but we got him in front of the camera. So happy he agreed to it because I love these pictures on him holding his new sister.