Cake Smash Portrait – RI Photographer

I had the pleasure of taking this cutie pie’s newborn photos and now she is a year old!  Mom did a great job picking out some cute little outfits for her big birthday session.  I don’t think this could have gone any better – so many smiles!  Ok there were some tears at the end…  BUT what’s cuter than a picture of a baby crying over cake?  As always a big thank you from Lauren at Cake-tique for making the smash cake!


Cake Smash Portrait Session – RI Cake Smash Photography

It seemed like this cake smash was never going to happen but thankfully we were able to do it!  Mom warned me that Mackenzie was a fast one!  She was right!  Thankfully we were able to distract her long to get some great photos!  These guys picked some of great colors for their outfits and the cake smash.  I love coral and teal together!  Great colors, super cute clothes, headpieces and an adorable little baby!  What more could a photographer ask for?

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Cake Smash Session at Roger Williams Park – RI Baby Photography

Roger Williams Park is such a great spot for photos!  So many options and different spots for photos.  When we showed up there was an event in the spot we picked first.  Thankfully the park is massive and I know it like the back of my hand.  We even got to utilize my secret spot where the light is always amazing!  When we first started the planning process Liam wasn’t walking yet, but that sure changed!  He was determined to walk all over the park which isn’t easy on uneven ground.  Thankfully we had his family close by to catch him when he got a little wobbly.  Liam is a year old so it was a cake smash session!  As always Lauren at Cake-tique made our smash cake and this guy couldn’t have been any happier about digging into it!

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Sister Portrait at the Studio

I had the pleasure of photographing this family when there was only one little girl. Fast forward two years and they’ve added in one more little cutie!  Both of these little ladies have birthday’s close to one another so we were able to do the girl’s birthday portraits in one session.  We listened to some T. Swift, read a book, and explored my building all while taking photos!  The girls did such a good job that they got themselves a visit to a playground!  Bribery works, people!

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Cake Smash with Kellen – RI Cake Smash Portrait

Another one of my favorite families here! I’ve taken some of my best photos of these boys. They are just so cute and lovable together. It really makes my job easy. When I first met this family they only had two little guys. The youngest brother, Kellen, turned a year old this past month. He had a winter themed birthday party so Mom had great decorations that we reused for the cake smash.  Win!  As always our adorable cake was provided by Lauren at Cake-tique!