Family Portrait at Harkness State Park in CT

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this family grow over the years. Stella and Shane hired me to do their wedding photography. The wedding took place at one of my favorite venues, Harkness Memorial Park in CT. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with so many flowers. Fast forward to 2013… I’m meeting Stella and Shane once again at Harkness. The park is just as gorgeous but one thing is very different. Instead of doing photos of just Stella and Shane this time they brought there adorable daughters for the photos! How beautiful these girls are!! This is the third family portrait session we have done and I really can’t wait to see them again!













Melanie and Mike’s Maternity Shoot in Newport, RI – RI Maternity Photography

I love maternity sessions!  It’s one of those sessions that you didn’t know you wanted until after the baby is born.  Thankfully Melanie and Mike knew they wanted to capture this short time in their lives before it was too late.  You are only pregnant for 9 months.  It seems like forever when you are going through it, but it really isn’t a long time.  I think a maternity session is about the soon to be parents.  This is a time of excitement and anticipation.  Newport has been a big part of Melanie and Mike’s relationship.  They had their engagement photos taken there, the wedding took place there so what better spot for their maternity shoot?  Melanie has been doing a pregnancy exercise boot camp.   I’m truly impressed with this since when I was pregnant the most I did was walk across the house.  Her trainer gave her a pair of sneakers for their new little girl.  I’m so happy she thought to bring them to our session.  It’s a great way to remember the time before the baby and everything that happened leading up to this amazing moment…

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Steve and Leanne’s Maternity Shoot in East Greenwich – RI Maternity Photography

Steve and Leanne were shopping for baby items at the fabulous store, Bellani Maternity, when they spotted my photos on the wall.   Luckily they contacted me about doing a maternity.  I’m lucky because it really was a pleasure to meet this lovely couple and be able to document this exciting time in their lives.  Spending time with them I know two things for sure.  The first thing is that they love each other, really love each other.  The second is that they are SO excited to have this little boy and be parents.  Whenever I do a maternity shoot I like to ask some questions to see what’s been going on during the pregnancy.  It makes the photos a little more personal.  Steve and Leanne have been doing renovations on their house for pretty much the duration of the pregnancy.  This is where they are going to one day live with this baby that’s cooking.  The baby is almost ready, the house is almost ready.  It’s nice to be able to capture this moment when (and where) so many great things are about to happen.

Our second stop was this cool dock close by…

Ending with my favorite!!! Love it!

Meredith and Mike’s Maternity Shoot in Newport, RI – RI Maternity Photography

I first met Meredith and Mike when they were shopping around for wedding photographers.  When the left the office I thought “I must do that wedding!”  Thankfully they felt the same way!  I had the pleasure of taking their engagement and wedding photos.  Fast forward…  well a couple of months (these guys were quick!) and here we are doing a maternity shoot!  I was so happy when Meredith told me that she was pregnant because A) babies are awesome and B) I knew I’d get to see one of my favorite couples again!  I can’t wait to meet this baby!  One thing is for sure it will be an honorary 80’s kid.

What better way to end a maternity shoot than some Ben and Jerry’s?!

2011 Rewind :: Toddlers – RI Baby Photography

Toddler…  Oh, it’s a bad word for some people.  The terrible two’s, troublesome three’s.  Anyway you cut it this is the group that gets the most grief.  They are older and wiser.  They know what they want and they want it now!  This is the group that makes me work for it.  I have to wear many hats when photographing the toddler.  Sometimes I’m a total goof ball, running around, saying silly things and acting a fool to get some cooperation.  Sometimes it’s a marathon and I literally just chase them throwing optimal lighting situations and beautiful backgrounds out the window.  If the toddler wants to stand in front of a dumpster then I either have to make it work or wait until I can trick them into doing something else.  For the skittish toddler I am quiet and patient waiting for my moment to pounce.  Whatever it takes.  Parents have told me that I have the patience of a saint.  I think it’s that I just love kids.  You have to if you want them to be comfortable with you.  They can smell phony-ness a mile away.

I actually own one of these crazy toddler creatures.  He is the type I would have to chase around to get a nice picture.  I’m starting off this post with my two favorite pictures of him from 2011.  I can’t get enough of his hair!  I love it so much that it drives me crazy!   Next up will be the kids!