2011 Rewind :: Babies – RI Baby Photography

I have two children.  The plan has always been to have two and only two, one boy and one girl.  Luckily the plan worked, but sometimes I have moments when I am going to miss not having another baby.  This is where all your babies come in!  I just love being around your babies!  During a portrait shoot you are probably a little annoyed that the little bugger has been smiling at everything all morning and now that the camera is in front of them they decided to be “so serious”.  Meanwhile I’m so happy just hear them make funny noises or watch them marvel at a piece of grass or maybe a rock.  Being around your babies helps me get past those feelings about missing out on having another one.  It takes the edge off, so to speak.

So thank you, Babies of 2011, for giving me my baby fix and just for being so darn cute!  Tomorrow it’s that dirty word that starts with a T – Toddlers AKA 2 year olds!!

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